Top 10 best web browsers in 2018 | Update 2018

Install one of the best web browsers in 2018 on today’s PCs such as Chrome, Firefox, or Coca-Cola to help you surf the web, listen to music, watch movies and play high-quality, high-quality games, and follow the reviews below. Here about each browser to choose the best tool for you.

There are so many web browsers that you can choose from and experience. However, choosing a browser for optimal and especially high-security personal information, which web browser will dominate. In addition to the current popular web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Coc Coc … there are quite a few browsers that you may not know.

So the following article with the best web browser 2018, Google Chrome, Coc Coc, Firefox user comments will be the topic that want to talk about. Please read the article track to give the objective view with the best web browser now.


1. Browse Google Chrome

As a Web browser is used by many people with processing speed and origin from Google, Google Chrome has scored in the eyes of users from the first version. Not only is it compatible with all kinds of popular operating systems on current devices, but Chrome also supports most languages ​​in the world.

Although it is considered RAM, perhaps it is a reasonable price to return the excellent performance that this browser brings. Currently, Google Chrome supports a variety of operating systems. You can download Chrome to your computer to experience:

Download Chrome
Download Chrome for Mac
Download Chrome for Linux
Download Chrome for iPhone
Download Chrome for Android

2. Mozilla Firefox Web Browser

Download Firefox
Download Firefox for Mac
Download Firefox for Linux
Download Firefox for Android
Download Firefox for iPhone

With the same features as Chrome, with separate app stores, add-ons, and themes, Firefox also offers a great experience. The highlight of this browser is Private Mode, incognito mode while surfing the web and leave no trace, history.

Users can refer to articles comparing Google Chrome and Firefox to evaluate, conclude to use which browser browsing the web this time offline, Google Chrome browser and Firefox have other advantages and disadvantages. Each other, depending on the computer configuration, you select the most appropriate browser.

3. Microsoft Edge Web Browser

Download Edge
Download Edge for iPhone
Download Edge for Android

The default browser on the Windows 10 operating system, Edge scored by the ability to surf fast, the interaction with Cortana is quite good and primarily as a replacement for the * .pdf file reader. With an eye-catching interface, users will not be too familiar with the browser. Microsoft is confident that with this browser, you will not need a second browser on your computer.

4. Opera Web Browser

Download Opera
Download Opera for Mac
Download Opera for Linux
Download Opera for iPhone
Download Opera for Android

Once widespread on mobile devices, Opera also has a large number of users. User-friendly interface, combined with the offline reading mode, Opera may not have as fast as Chrome but has the stability needed.

5. Safari Web Browser

Download Safari here : Download Safari

As the default browser on Apple devices, users can now experience this browsing experience on other operating systems. The browser provides users with a good browsing experience, a fresh interface with separate utilities, and promises to satisfy the user.

6. Internet Explorer Web Browser

Download Internet Explorer here : Download IE (Internet Explorer)

Again is a default browser anymore but it is on the Windows operating system. There is a relatively high age, but the experience with this web browser is not slow. Instead, it is a feature that does not require flash to watch the video, quite convenient for users who prefer simplicity and lightness.

7. Web Browser Torch Browser

Download Torch here : Download Torch

Built from Chrome’s open-source browser, the browser looks a lot like Chrome, but it’s equipped with features that Chrome does not have: built-in torrent, the ability to save video from any web page any

8. Maxthon Web Browser

Maxthon is a browser based on the Internet Browser’s built-in plug-ins, allowing users to use the Internet efficiently and securely. The exciting thing that this browser offers is Mouse Gestures, and the mouse operation will help you open tabs, tabs, scrolls, scrolls easily.

Download Maxthon
Download Maxthon for Mac
Download Maxthon for Linux
Download Maxthon for Android
Download Maxthon for iPhone

9. Seamonkey Web Browser

Download Seamonkey here : Download Seamonkey

Seamonkey is an excellent browser offering users a comprehensive set of tools, the ability to block pop-ups and annoying images. Also, the browser also supports manipulation of HTML code, which is very suitable for you intend to follow the web programming

10. Browse The Avant Browser

Download Avant Browser here : Download Avant Browser

Avant Browser is a browser with a simple interface, supporting users to surf the web with high speed, store favorite pages on the cloud. And like the Internet Browser, Avant Browser does not need Flash to watch the video, suitable for you to enjoy the simple yet effective.

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